What is a cyclo sportive?

A cyclo sportive is a non competitive mass participation cycling event. The event is often timed and times are published so that those who wish to can measure their performance against their own target time, or compare against their friends. Whilst some put in a big effort to achieve a “good time", many pay little attention to the watch and simply set out to have a good time.

Most cyclo sportives present a serious challenge for experienced cyclists, though many offer a shorter less demanding option for those just getting into the sport. A scenic route away from main roads is sought out by most sportive organisers.

To be called a sportive an event should always include a well signposted route with food and drink stations along the way, together with some support in the event of mechanical breakdown or injury. On a TearfundCycling event you will get all this and more, we always aim to provide the best stocked feed stations in the land.

Events are organised by a variety of clubs, charities and commercial organisations. Tearfund Cycling relies entirely on unpaid volunteers and apart from some essential costs associated with the events, all proceeds are passed on to Tearfund and any other charity associated with the event.


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